"Your mentorship has improved her playing tremendously and helped her gain a new confidence on the cello."

      - Corene Hurt-Thaut, Ph.D.  

Carole's master class for cellists at the University of Wyoming, November 2015

Teaching & Mentoring

From introduction to professional audition prep

Choosing the right teacher for a student or professional is critical in the development, refinement and confidence in the artistry of the cello.

My studio is in Southeast Denver and welcomes beginners through professionals. I offer a specialty in audition, mentoring, and preparation for advanced students and professionals. 

I am very proud of all my students, many of whom have developed into distinguished players.

Some have even offered to provide their own experiences, and hopefully featured examples of their playing.

Please call for availability and rates.

“I will always remember Carole's compassionate and precise guidance while preparing for a recent audition. If you are like me, practice and performance have become so integrated that, like living in one's home vs. getting ready to sell, it’s been awhile that you've heard your playing as a realtor would see your house. I didn't want instruction, like I needed during student days.  I also did not want to diminish the forward moving process of pulling a long repertoire list together, as the audition drew close. 

Carole was good at reflecting and empowering my own self guidance and assurance, which boosted my confidence.  At the same time, she made clear where there was lack and change needed, all the while doing so in a powerfully supportive manner.

Whether you need to learn from the beginning how to audition, or are seasoned at taking one and merely want advice on "curb appeal", or at any point in between - I recommend visiting Carole. 

Her beautiful, strong, caring approach will enhance your playing, and inspire you in many ways. I hope more cellists can benefit as I did"

   - Anne Brennand, professional cellist

My Teaching - In their words

"You are a wonderful teacher, among the very best I have ever known."  
- Michael Thaut, Ph.D


"My daughter has been studying the cello with Carole for two years. It is very apparent that she is really invested in her students! Posture and a beautiful tone are of utmost importance to her and are covered at each lesson. Her time management during the lesson is great and much is accomplished! What I like the most about Carole is that she is so interested in developing the whole student - life skills through studying an instrument."
- Lora Stevens, violist with Co Ballet and Opera Colorado